Q: How do I log in to HRIS?
You can log in to HRIS via (feel free to bookmark this page). 

Q: What is my user name?
Your username is typically your email address.

Q: What if I forgot my password?
A: You can reset your password through the login screen by clicking, "Forgot your password?":

The next screen will prompt you to enter your User Name in the first field and your corresponding Email Address in the second field.  Click the blue Submit button when finished.

Q: How do I reset my password?
A: When you are logged into HRIS, go to the top, right-hand corner where the person icon is located and click on the down arrow.  Note: this icon appears on every page once you log in to HRIS.  Click on the Personal Setup link as shown below.

You will then arrive at the Personal Setup screen:

Click the CHANGE MY PASSWORD link.  You will then see the Change Password screen.  Enter each field as prompted.  Then click the blue Save button.

Q: How do I change my personal settings?
Follow the instructions as shown above except instead of choosing CHANGE MY PASSWORD under Personal Setup, choose MY SETTINGS.  
Update information as needed and click the blue Save button. 

Q: I need help tailoring HRIS to my needs.  Whom do I contact?
All support requests for HRIS should be directed to the Payday CSR assigned to your account.  Your CSR will coordinate a response from Payday's HRIS support team.