The slideshows on this page contain screenshots of the new hire process for your reference.  You can pause them when you need to study one screen and restart them when they are finished.

Entering a New Hire - HRIS

There are three simple ways to create a New Employee into HRIS:
  1. From the Employee Dashboard screen:
    - Click the blue Add Employee button.

  2. When you wish to enter several employees at once: 
    - Click on the name of an employee.  Bob Jones is highlighted in the example below.
    - Suppose that you just need to edit this employee's record and click the blue Edit button.
    - You will then be on the Employee Demographics screen.  
    Note: This screen will only correspond to one employee at a time.  At the top left corner of the screen, you can double-check the name of the employee that you are working on.  In this case, it is Bob Jones.  Click the grey cancel button if you need to back out a particular record.
    - When you are done editing the current employee and you wish to enter the next one, click the grey Save & New button.  This will save Bob's record and take you to the New Employee screen afterwards.  You can view that button at the top and the bottom of the Employee Edit screen.

  3. To make a quick Employee entry:
    - From the Employee Dashboard, click the Quick Create button (shown below).
    - A small pop-up box will appear with the basic employee information fields.
    - Be sure to scroll to the right and down to view all fields.
    - To save, scroll to the bottom and click the blue Save button.
Once saved, you can view the new employee’s record.  Please note that:
    * E
mployees will appear in Evolution the day following entry into HRIS;
    * When the employee profile is saved, you will be able to utilize the different tabs under the employee record such as certifications, reviews, and so on.  These tabs will assist you to quickly navigate all employee details;
    * Although possible, deleting employees is highly discouraged.  Either edit the employee's record to reflect the correct information, or change the status from Active to Terminated; and
    * Edit both deductions and direct deposit information via Evolution; edit all other employee information into HRIS exclusively.

The Important Fields to Enter for a New Hire:
View the slideshow below while you enter your new employee.  There are notes about important fields on the slides.  Remember to save your work when you finish!

New Employee Edit Screen - Important Fields