The Demographics subtab allows you to view and edit employee information.  Click the blue button to edit information, the grey button next to it to delete an employee record, and either the Back to List link to return to the employee list, or the Next Button to the right of the Delete button to view the next employee.  Each of these options are highlighted below.  (The Social Security Number would normally appear, but was redacted here for privacy purposes.)

***Please note: the blue Edit button that appears on the top and bottom of every Employee Management page in HRIS will always bring you to this Demographics area.  To edit other sections under other tabs, be sure to click that section's individual blue edit link, not the blue Edit Button.***

After you click the blue Edit button, you will be taken to a new screen with new tabs and selections.  The main tab, Employees, has a little drop-down arrow on it so that you can jump to other screens to edit if need be as shown below:

There are also two subtabs next to the Demographics subtab: Other Information and Payroll.  You can click on those to edit information as well.  Each field is fairly self-explanatory, but if you every have any questions, feel free to contact your CSR.  Here is what you can edit under the Other Information subtab:

Payroll and Taxes also includes several fields.  Although to change hourly rates instead of salary amounts, please refer to the Payroll Tab section of this training Website.

PENCIL EDIT FEATURE: Some fields allow you to edit quickly with the pencil edit feature.  When you scroll over various fields, you might see a pencil icon appear.  That means that you can click into that one field and edit it.

After you click on the pencil, a box will appear to type in the information that you need to edit.  Click the blue Save button to keep this information or the grey Cancel button to cancel.

SAVE: As you see, from either of these subtabs you have the option to save, save and create a new employee, or cancel your action.  

SAVE & NEW: The Save & New button is probably the easiest way to add several new employees at one time.  This was previously discussed under the Employees Tab: Demographics Subtab module of this training.  

CANCEL: After every needed edit, click the Save button.  To back out of the record without saving changes, click the Cancel button.