There are several sections under the Employee Dashboard that will allow you to filter and view necessary charts and graphs regarding your employees.  Each section includes several chart types to choose from under the first drop-down menu.  There are many more combinations than those shown below.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your CSR.

To minimize any of the charts on the Employee Dashboard, click the "+" or "-" to the left of the chart name.  When minimized, you will only see the chart names.
There is also a button to the right of chart name that you can click to refresh your data: .

The first chart under the Employee Dashboard is Employee Charts.  Its first drop-down menu is shown below:
Each chart differs according to the data.  The type of chart (bar graph, pie chart) depends upon the data as well.

The second drop-down menu allows you to edit, create, clone. or delete a chart as needed:

You can also filter the information that appears in a variety of ways.  When you click on the Filter Button, several unique filter drop-down fields will appear.

Experiment with these various choices to see how the data and charts change.  You can click the Hide & Clear Filter button to return to the original view.  Refresh or clear the fields by clicking the Refresh Chart or Clear Filters buttons.

For example, in order to see only active employees by a certain date, choose date
and year
from the Date Field and Current Year drop-down menus.

Then, choose Status from the 1 drop-down menu, equals from the second drop-down menu, and Active by clicking on the magnifying glass icon (this causes the pop-up window to appear and display your choices for this field which are in this case either Active or Terminated).

Click the green Refresh Chart button to update the information from your filters.

If you are familiar with Boolean terms, you can also filter by those by typing them in the Filter Conditions box.  Choose Expression from the Filter Conditions drop-down menu for more information on this feature.

The second chart under the Employee Dashboard is Certifications.  It includes the same features as Employee Charts.  Unless your employees have certifications, data will not appear, and you will see a message as shown below:

The third chart under the Employee Dashboard is Personal Time Off Request.  Data will appear when employees request PTO.  In this case, no employee has requested PTO: