HRIS offers limitless, customized reporting.  Each highlighted yellow section below will assist you in your reporting needs:

To create a new report, click the New Report button.  (For a detailed description of creating a simple report, click on the option on the left navigation bar on this screen entitled, "Custom Reporting - Creating a Simple Report.")  Each of your customized reports will appear under the My Reports menu.  Once you create a new report, you can find it under the first heading, "My Reports," which is highlighted above, next to the New Report button.  Other standard reports choices, as highlighted in yellow above, are Employee Reports, Skills, Certifications and Training, Anniversary and Birthdays, and Compliance and Other.

Once a report is created, click the button to the left of the report name to view options as shown below:

Many choose to Email this Report to themselves, then distribute it to their employees.  You can also Edit this Report; the following screen appears when you choose this option:

Each section explains the corresponding fields to tweak the report as needed.  You can save, save and add another layer to your report, or cancel out of this screen.  

You can also choose Delete this Report if you do not have a need for it, although it is recommended that you keep any created reports just in case.  Lastly, you can change the Permissions on any report, allowing certain individuals to view the reports you create.

FYI: the most common reports used are Anniversaries This Month, Birthdays This Month, and Reviews Due This Month, as highlighted below:

For assistance with any of these reports, please contact your CSR.