Use the Dependents subtab if the employee has any dependents as indicated in the Payroll and Taxes information under either Demographics or Other Information edit screens. The initial screen will indicate that no records exist:

Notice there are a few buttons: New Dependent, Quick Create (the white plus sign inside the black circle), and Default View (the eye).  There is also a Next button towards the top-right side of the screen.  If more than one dependent exists for the employee record, a previous button will also appear so that you can easily navigate through each dependents' screen.  This training focuses on the blue New Dependent button.  Click it when you are ready to add a dependent and the main edit screen will appear.

As with other edit screens, you must enter information into those boxes with the little red line on the left side of the field.  There are also check-boxes at the bottom that you can click to record more benefit information if needed.

 Do not forget to save your changes!

After you add the dependent, he or she will appear on the main Dependents screen.  You can either edit or delete the dependent from this screen when needed.