The Documents subtab allows you to create and attach any employee files all in one place.  This feature acts as your own filing system for each employee so that you can view his or her documents anywhere when online.

Once you decide which employee record you would like to upload documents to, click the blue New Employee Document button under his or her name.  In this example, I am editing Bob Jones again.

The edit screen appears with only three mandatory fields that you must complete, Employee Document, Document Type, and Document File.  They are highlighted in yellow below.

The Employee Document is the title you chose for the document.  The Document Type can be chosen from the drop-down menu as either Benefits, I-9, or basic Personnel document.  Ignore the Pending Hire and Data fields.  You can also type a description of the file after you uploaded the file.  

Click the blue Save button when you have finished.

You will then notice that you can view the uploads on the main Documents screen.  If needed, you can edit or delete anything via the corresponding blue hyperlink.