The Disciplinary subtab allows you to either upload disciplinary records or create one directly in the system that attaches to the employee's record.  This training focuses on entering a new disciplinary action, printing a copy of that action for you and your employee to sign, and uploading that copy into HRIS.

First, click the blue New Disciplinary Action button.

As with all edit screens, the dark red line on the left side of a field indicates that you must complete that field.  You will notice several types of warnings and reasons.  Edit and save.

After you saved your changes, you will be able to view the action.  From the main Disciplinary subtab screen you can edit or delete a record, or even edit and/or print a form indicating the warning.  Click on Employee Warning.  This form will re-open in Microsoft Word.

Print or email this form to your employee to sign and date.  Then you can sign and date and scan it into your computer.  

Do not forget to save after you attach the form!  To do so, click the blue Edit hyperlink next to the employee's disciplinary action under the Disciplinary subtab.

The edit screen will look a little different from the original screen.

You will already see your employees name (Bob Jones) under the Employee field.  If you need to change it, you can "x" the employee shown and search for a new one using the magnifying glass button.  Once you selected your employee, click the Choose File button at the bottom of the screen and follow the instructions to upload your signed document.

Lastly, do not forget to save!