The Other Information subtab is fairly self-explanatory.  Here you can add other common, miscellaneous information about your employee and keep it all in one place.  All information available to update is shown on one convenient screen:

As with the other subtabs, click the blue Edit button to update the screen.  Note: clicking the Delete button to remove the information is highly discouraged.  Edit the information instead!

Notice that the edit screen actually defaults to the Demographics subtab edit screen.  So you can edit Other Information from either Demographics or Other Information.  The same applies to the Payroll and Taxes subtab information which you can also edit via either Demographics or Other Information subtabs.  

Click the Other Information selection.

There are several drop-down menus and check-boxes.  You may chose to edit all fields or none at all.

On the right side of the Other Information screen, you have a choice to remove the employee's password.  Use this function to either reset an employee's password or to remove it so that a terminated employee can no longer sign on.

Do not forget to save your changes!