What you should know about HRIS:

  • This product is a web-based platform, think of it as a virtual employee file cabinet, that delivers access to Human Resources data.
  • Eliminate paper files and access any employee record at your fingertips via a simple search.  
  • In addition to storing and tracking employee data, the system has the ability to interface with Payday's Evolution payroll software. 
  • Now manage employee records and payroll information via one, web-based, easy to use portal.  (See the Employee Management section of this training for an example.)  
  • Create reports based on any data you are tracking within the system through streamlined management of HR data coupled with a robust reporting engine; it is a wonderful way to access the information you need when you need it!
  • Throughout these modules, you will learn how to add or terminate employees, manage rates of pay, create or customize reports, and more!